Sunday, June 6, 2010

Field Trip to This Is The Place State Park

Hi Girls. I hope you are having a fun summer. So here is what is on our agenda for June. We will not!! meet at Material Girls for the month of June.

We are doing a field trip to This Is The Place State Park !!

Mark your calendars for Saturday June 26. We will meet at Roxie's house (address at end of message) at 10 am, no later. The admission fee is Kids 3-11 $7.00. Adults $9.00. We will be eating lunch down there so please send enough money to cover all costs. I would recommend $20.00. They can always bring the change home. They will take care of their own money. Not sure how long we will be gone, we will call parents on the way home. If any parent would like to go let us know. I also need you to RSVP to me by June 24th. We just need to make sure we have enough drivers. There will be no more mailings so keep up to date on the blog. Here is my phone number 801-254-5693 My address is 13270 S. Forest Meadow Drive. (3020 W). Have a wonderful summer.
Roxie & Myrl

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