Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yo-Yo Tutorial

We're so excited that Heather Bailey has agreed to let us post her Tutorial for making yo-yo's here at The Seam Rippers Blog.
You can visit Heather's website here.
Or Heather's blog here.
EnJoy the tutorail & HaPPy Yo-yO making !!

Step 1

First, make a pattern. Your yo-yo pattern needs to be twice as wide as your intended yo-yo, plus about 1/2" for seam allowances. You can use a compass to draw out your pattern, or find a bowl or lid to trace. Chipboard works great for a pattern, as does the cardboard from a cereal box.

Step 2
On the wrong side of your fabric, trace around the pattern. Use a water-soluble pen or chalk. Following your traced line, cut out a circle of fabric.

Step 3

Fold under a scant 1/4" along the edge of your circle, as you stitch close to the folded edge. Use strong thread and make sure it's long enough to go around the full circumference of the circle, with some to spare.

Note: Shorter stitches create a larger, more open center on your yo-yo (see Step 04). Longer stitches make for a tighter yo-yo center (see Steps 05 & 06).

Step 4

Once you've stitched around the entire perimeter of the fabric circle, gently pull your stitching thread until the edges gather to the center. Make a couple of stitches to secure your gathers, then knot and trim your thread. Squash your yo-yo flat, with the gathers centered on the top of the yo-yo. That's it!

This yo-yo was created with small stitches, resulting in a wider gathered center. The next two steps show how longer stitches make for a tighter center.

Step 5

For a tighter gathered center on your yo-yo, make longer gathering stitches.

Step 6

When pulled, longer stitches will allow the fabric to gather together more closely. This is ideal if the centers of your yo-yos are to show (no buttons or whatnots sewn on top), as in a bedspread.


Now that you know, go yo-yo!

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